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Listen to past sermons from Pastor Theo Williams. 

March 2023

23-03-05_It is Well_FINAL
00:00 / 17:18
23-03-12_Don't Be Foolish_FINAL
00:00 / 47:12
23-03-19_Hope in a Faithful God
00:00 / 31:16
23-03-26_Check Your Heart_FINAL
00:00 / 40:17

February 2023

23-02-05_Worship Regardless
00:00 / 47:00
23-02-12_He DID Rise
00:00 / 33:38
23-02-19_He IS Risen!_2
00:00 / 36:48
23-02-26_In Everything Give Thanks_FINAL
00:00 / 34:12

Guest Preacher: Lee Boone

January 2023

2023-01-08 Sermon FINAL_2
00:00 / 32:04
2023-01-15 Sermon FINAL_2
00:00 / 35:47
2023-01-29 Sermon FINAL_2 1
00:00 / 40:31

April 2023

23-04-02_Palm Sunday
00:00 / 32:17
Good Friday_Part 1_Final
00:00 / 32:46
Good Friday_Part 2
00:00 / 46:42
To See and Know
00:00 / 38:13

April 9, 2023

00:00 / 33:34

A Note from Pastor Theo

Greetings all. I hope you get a chance to listen to the message I preached this past Sunday (April 16, 2023). I set out to offer a bit more insight into some of Jesus’s interactions with His disciples post resurrection. We often solely focus on the resurrection on Easter and then skip to something else. So, it is important that we see what took place those vital days after He rose from the grave. However, I wanted to make note of something that I said in error. I taught from John 20:19-29. Thomas said that he would not believe that Jesus rose unless he had the opportunity to see the Lord himself and touch his wounds.  Christ appeared to the disciples including Thomas and invited Thomas to touch His wounds. In error I suggested that part of Thomas’s belief resulted from him touching the Lord. This may or may not be the case. Either way, that claim cannot be derived from that passage.  There is an invitation to touch the wounds and then we read that Thomas believed. It does not say that he took Jesus up on His offer. There is another passage later in the bible that may be connected to this occasion that initially seems to give some insight. However, I have not yet searched that out thoroughly, nor did I reference it during Sunday’s sermon. So, it is important to focus on what the text at hand stated and did not state. With that in mind, I thought it was important to address that error on my part in making that assertion. It is an important message, and I did not want to hinder it by my hastiness/laziness in that particular regard.


Thank you for your grace.


In Him, Pastor Theo

May 2023

23-05-14_Is It In The Word
00:00 / 38:09
23-05-28_Sunday Sermon_It's Still Happening
00:00 / 38:49
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